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Our supporters help raise the visibility of Hope and Vision Communities so that we may reach more people with a need for our service.

We are grateful for all the support and encouragement received, and hope we can reciprocate by highlighting their work.

Yeldall Manor is a residential rehabilitation centre, set in 38 acres of Berkshire countryside near Reading. For over 40 years, Yeldall has been helping men to overcome serious drug or alcohol addictions and return to society to live new lives, drug, alcohol and crime free.

Yeldall Manor is all about recovery for life – men finding freedom from addiction so that they can go on to live life to the full.

At Kerith Church, we love to make a difference through what we do with our time, our energy and our money – whether that’s running an event, hosting a group, contributing to others’ needs or working with an individual to make a positive change in their life.

Russell Brand

Russell is a patron and has been a supporter of Hope and Vision Communities from the outset.

Russell is an award-winning comedian, actor, presenter and writer, and recently published “Recovery: Freedom from our addictions” and “Mentors: How to help and be helped”

Located in the heart of Oxford, SMQ Legal Services provide legal advice in numerous areas of law, both criminal and civil, including family law matters. Our team are happy to talk to you about any services that help Hope and Vision Communities beneficiaries transition to supported community living and beyond.